Old Friends Club

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7525 132nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
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    Old Friends Club cultivates joy in the lives of adults with cognitive impairment and nourishes the well being of family caregivers. Old Friends Club is a place of friendship and belonging for adults living with memory loss, and a healthy break for their family caregivers. We offer an engaging, affordable choice that helps people living with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive change remain engaged in community and living at home longer. Old Friends Club transforms what it means to live with dementia, and promotes resiliency and a fuller, more joyful life.
    Program participants are welcomed as Club Members, fostering a sense of belonging. Experienced staff and trained volunteers help Members to engage in animated discussions and activities despite the challenges in communication and reasoning that accompany these diseases. Each Club already has countless stories of people revealing how alive they are: a poem of gratitude for a favorite volunteer; a spontaneous dance session; the spark of a memory fueling a story that flows out even when words don’t always come easily. Successes like these happen every day.
    Caregivers also benefit from Old Friends Club. Caring for a partner, parent or friend strains relationships, finances, and physical and mental health. Knowing their loved one is relaxed and among friends at the Club allows caregivers to rest and re-energize. They report reduced stress and even improved relationships with the Club Member at home. We offer caregivers support and education to help them navigate today’s challenges and plan for changing needs.